Testing Service

Testing Service

Professional electric or optical property testing service based on high-end equipment.


New Vision has a variety of equipment for testing different kinds of properties of films and devices.

Testing Services  List

Testing Object



Optical microscope

Surface morphology

Scanning electron   microscope (SEM)

Optical inspection

Auto optical inspection (AOI)

Thickness of film (μm)

Step profiler

Film surface topography

White-Light Interferometer   (Optical Profiler)

Mechanical Stress (Pa)

Stress measurement system

Contact angle (°)

Contact angle meter

Resistance (Ω/)

Four probe station

Electrical performance   (I-V, C-V, C-f)

 Agilent B1500A analyzers

Hall mobility (cm²/Vs)

Hall effect measurement   system (HEMS)

Water vapor transmission   rate (WVTR, g/m²/day)

Permeation analyzers

Absorbance/Transmittance   (%)

UV/Visible Scanning Spectrophotometer

Infrared spectrum of   absorption or emission

Fourier Transform Infrared   Spectrometer (FTIR)

Brightness (cd/m²)


Refractive index/extinction   coefficient


Lifetime of OLED/LED   (hour)

Lifetime Testing System